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"I have my Auto Shop, passes through several electricians, but I found in Jost MIguel CES, but that's a plus electronics engineer electrician, plus I turned more economical to have their services, he is very skilled in knowledge and equipment solve any problem, guaranteeing an excellent service, quality and value in all his works, I recommend it to all my colleagues, thank you very much Michael, I'm counting on you forever. "


Tony, Auto Shop.

I had my BMW for over 14 months from shop to shop, I had made the idea of ​​leaving my car in the junk-car, but I recommended to Mr. Michael Jost Owner CES, the assured me that my car had a solution and less than 2 days my BMW is working again. I recommend them for any electrical problem, and for the installation of any alarm system and audio, has the best brands and the best prices in the market. Now I'm in my BMW with a sound system and a security system reliable, and especially now drive my BMW.


Thank you Michael. "
Mr. Paul. BMW

"I take this opportunity to thank Michael Jost, for all your support. I have a construction company and thus driving many trucks working with several drivers which means that I have several problems or each vehicle with different needs, radio, GPS. with the help of CES I found everything I needed, good quality, care and service, with the best prices and the best brands. and the guarantee of your service, thank Miguel for many years of trust. "


Carlos, GMC Trucks

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